ACE Air eManifest

Electronic information for air cargo required in advance of arrival, CBP must electronically receive from the inbound air carrier and, if applicable, an approved party, information concerning the incoming cargo.

For non-consolidated shipments, the incoming air carrier must transmit to CBP all of the information for the air waybill record.

For consolidated shipments: the incoming air carrier must transmit to CBP the information that is applicable to the master air waybill, and the air carrier must transmit cargo information for all associated house air waybills unless another party electronically transmits this information directly to CBP. Additional cargo information from air carrier; split shipment.

ace emanifest requirements ace emanifest
ace emanifest requirements ace emanifest

Open to Deconsolidators, CBP ABI entry filer-Freight Forwarders, and Service Centers

Deconsolidators or CBP ABI entry filer-freight forwarders in possession of an appropriate Customs Bond, may transmit house shipment information (without routing detail) to CBP.

The deconsolidator receives Freight Status Notification (FSN) messages referencing consolidated shipments after Master AWB transfer detail has been submitted by the incoming air carrier.

Service Centers transmit air waybill data electronically on behalf of participants. They provide full air waybill data, which allows other smaller entities to participate in the Air AMS program.


For cargo that is proceeding to destinations other than the initial port of entry, the in-bond transfer detail transmitted to Air AMS by the incoming air carrier or by the de-consolidator in possession of the consolidation or CBP ABI entry filer providing consolidated house shipment information

Freight Status Information (FSI) Messages

This feature was added to Air AMS to enable the CBP entry filer-freight forwarder providing advance house shipment information, (nominated as an agent for specific Master air waybills), and not in possession of cargo at a CBP bonded facility to receive cargo status information at the time of transaction processing.

The Freight Status Notification (FSN) message, routed to the cargo custodian (carrier or deconsolidator), is the authorization to move or release cargo, while the Freight Status Information message is intended for informational purposes only.

ace emanifest requirements ace emanifest
ACE Air eManifest ace emanifest requirements aci emanifest customs manifest form

Flight Departure Message

Required from the airline after departure from the last airport before arrival in the United States.

Express Consignment Clearance Shipments (ECCF)

Express shipments are submitted by courier companies that are clearing cargo at an ECCF (Express Consignment Clearance Facility)

Freight Status Query (FSQ)

Get the latest status of Master or House AWB’s direct from CBP.   An FSQ can be sent to get details on the following:

  • Routing information
  • Current Record Status
  • Request for the nominated agent
  • Request for retransmission of FSN’s

Direct Injection Shipments

With the explosion of e-commerce, shipments have led to the creation of the supply-chain logistics term of Direct Injection.  Direct Injection means the grouping of shipments of smaller size and weight at the origin and sent on a direct flight to the destination country.  This model is dependent on volume so large volume e-commerce countries like the US are where it is implemented.

Once the cargo reaches the destination country the local last mile delivery company will deliver to the customer.  Often packages are labeled with domestic shipping labels at origin giving the customer the look and feel of a domestic delivery.

The carrier can usually provide end-to-end tracking with delivery confirmation.

Using Sec 321 shipment type in ACE Air allows the shipper to deliver to the US customer on a DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) to the customer.  To qualify for section 321 the total value of the cargo delivered to a customer cannot exceed $800 USD.

ACE Air eManifest ace emanifest requirements aci emanifest customs manifest form

Di Minimis Values by Country


De Minimis Value (local Currency)




















South Korea


New Zealand







United Kingdom

United States



$1000 AUD

150 Euros

150 Euros


$20 CAD




150 Euros

150 Euros

150 Euros

10,000 Rupees


150 Euros


150 Euros

10,000 Yen



$400 NZD

350 NKR

10,000 PHP

5000 RUB

$400 SGD



135 GBP


1,000,000 VND