What You Need to Know About ACI eManifest for Trucking Companies

What is ACI eManifest? ACI eManifest is a mandatory CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) security program for trucking companies. This online eManifest portal is provided by CBSA to help importers & transportation companies in easily bringing in their cargo from outside the Canadian border. Trucking companies who bring-in their shipment either through box trucks, containers or trailers can [...]

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The significance of PARS or Pre-Arrival Review System

Did you know that Canada has one of the most user-friendly trade management systems in the world? The reason for this state-of-the-art technology introduced by the government on its borders is to streamline and facilitate trade from all over the world. One such initiative is the introduction of the Prearrival Review System or PARS. Through PARS, importers, [...]

What is Pre-Arrival Processing System or PAPS?

What is Pre-Arrival Processing System or PAPS? United States Customs & Border Protection (CBP) agency has introduced state of the art technologies to improve its border protection procedures. PAPS, which is an abbreviation for Prearrival Processing System, is one such technology. It helps carriers and security officials alike conduct cross-border trade. Traders willing to [...]

What Is CBP Section 321 Shipment Type?

What Is CBP Section 321 Shipment Type?  In order to modernize and quicken the process of importing low-value shipments (less than $800 USD) to the US, crucial changes have been affected by CBP (Customs & Border Protection). One of the most significant changes happened in May 2015. These laws put particular emphasis on the mandatory use of the ACE [...]

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