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CBP Electronic In-Bond System

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CBP In-Bond System

What is CBP Electronic In-Bond System?

Since July 29th, 2019, in-bond exports and in-bond arrivals now have to be reported electronically. This is unlike in the past when it was possible to submit a paper copy of the 7512 to CBP and then get the CBP officer to close the in-bond.

CBP in-bonds include the following in-bond types

  • Type 61- Immediate Transportation
  • Type 62- Transportation & Exportation
  • Type 63- Immediate Exportation

Who Can File in-Bond Transactions?

The Carrier

The carrier bringing the shipment to the port of origination

Any legal agent or person

Any legal agent or person that has sufficient interest in the gods as shown in the manifest, bill of lading, certificate of importing carrier or any other document. The agent may be asked to provide evidence showing satisfactory interest

The carrier

The carrier taking possession of the merchandise under the bond for transportation to the port of exportation or the destination port

CBP In-Bond Requirements

  • Electronic reporting of in-bond arrivals and in-bond exports are mandatory
    The CBP will no longer accept copies of the in-bond 7512 in paper format
  • In-bond arrival and export have to be reported no more than two days after the in-bond event
  • In-bond Diversions – Transportation companies will no longer be allowed to make requests to the CBP port asking for diversions
  • In-bond arrival requires a FIRMS code – All arrivals have to submit a FIRMS code that informs CBP of the arrival of the in-bond shipment
  • 30-day maximum transit time – Transportation companies have to adhere to a strict 30-day maximum transit time

CBP Electronic In-Bond System Price Plans

Pricing is per transaction sent to CBP on a monthly basis. Responses received by CBP and sending updates or deletes to CBP are not charged. Electronic In-bond counts as a transaction. Download CBP LOI below and email completed form to

  • Select your plan

  • Number of included transactionsNumber of included transactions
  • CBP ResponsesCBP Responses
  • 24/7 Support24/7 Support
  • On-Boarding AssistanceOn-Boarding Assistance
  • No Set-up FeeNo Set-up Fee
  • 100 Plan

  • $39.95

    per month

  • Number of included transactions100
  • CBP Responses
  • 24/7 Support
  • On-Boarding Assistance
  • No Set-up Fee
  • 500 Plan

  • $89.95

    per month

  • Number of included transactions500
  • CBP Responses
  • 24/7 Support
  • On-Boarding Assistance
  • No Set-up Fee
  • Unlimited Plan

  • $169.95

    per month

  • Number of included transactionsUnlimited
  • CBP Responses
  • 24/7 Support
  • On-Boarding Assistance
  • No Set-up Fee
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