EDI translation software or an EDI translator refers to software that converts data from enterprise-specific and irregular formats into standardized and organized structures that are compliant with EDI standards. With EDI translation software, custom in-house documents may be converted into EDI standardized documents that are then sent to another business partner. The receiving business can [...]
The principle of trust has been the driving force of commercial transactions that has spawned entire industries. However, Blockchain is completely revolutionizing the business of trust through its revolutionary distributed ledger technology. This technology records transactions between different parties in an immutable and secure way which does away the need for traditional intermediaries. This is [...]
EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is a network of machines communicating with each other to facilitate coordination between two or more business entities. It is imperative for players in the transportation industry to adapt to this advanced communication technology to work closely with their business partners. One significant difference between an EDI and a regular [...]