RNS- Release Notification System

The Release Notification System (RNS) offers a timely and efficient notification of CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) release decisions by providing brokers, importers, carriers and warehouse operators with electronic messages. The CBSA instantly notifies RNS participants when a transaction is released and when a Pre-arrival Review System transaction is approved.

Some common RNS messages received from CBSA include the following:

  • Goods Released
  • Goods required for examination – referred
  • Goods May Move, Detain at Destination (CFIA)
  • Declaration Accepted, Awaiting arrival of goods.
  • Authorised to deliver – CSA Shipment
  • Declaration Accepted, Awaiting Customs Processing
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RNS- Release Notification Service ace emanifest requirements aci emanifest customs manifest form

Status Query

The status query message is used by the trading participant to receive the most recent status of a transaction from CBSA.  The trade participant can send the CCN (cargo control number) or the Custom’s Broker Entry Number to CBSA to receive back the most recent RNS status of the transaction.

WACM – Warehouse Arrival Certification Message

The WACM is a notification that is sent when unreleased inland cargo arrives at the warehouse.

WACM became mandatory in May 2015.

Warehouse operators/owners who receive unreleased goods into their sufferance warehouses must transmit WACM

ACI eManifest Notices (D4 Notices)

The ACI eManifest Notices (D4 Notices) will eventually replace the RNS messages but for now, clients are using RNS or D4 Notices or both sets of messages.   Some common ACI eManifest Notices include the following:


Informs clients that a specific trade document is linked to a related trade document, for example, when a PARS has been submitted and the related cargo has already been submitted, then the PARS is Matched.

Not Matched

Informs clients that either no links to a related trade document have been established, or that a document that was previously matched to another document becomes unlinked through a change or cancellation, for example, when a PARS has been submitted but the related cargo has not yet been submitted, the PARS is Not Matched.

Cargo Complete

informs clients that a non-consolidated cargo document has been submitted to and accepted by the CBSA. Documents that have achieved this status have not yet been linked to related PARS or IID documents.

Document Package Complete

informs clients that the cargo and all other required pre-arrival trade documents – as well as all related release documentation (for example, a PARS or an IID) necessary for the CBSA to determine if the goods can be released into the Canadian economy – have been submitted to and accepted by the CBSA.


that cargo has been presented to the CBSA at the Port of Report or FPOA.


indicates that cargo has reached its destination. If the cargo is destined inland, then a Warehouse Arrival Certification Message has been transmitted by the warehouse operator

Document Not of File

disposition notice informs clients that a Cargo Control Number (CCN) that is not in good standing was quoted on a trade document which has been submitted to, and accepted by, the CBSA.

Authorized to Deliver

The notice informs Customs Self-Assessment (CSA) carriers or their agents that their CSA cargo is authorized to be delivered to the importer, consignee or owner prior to the release of the goods.


indicates that cargo has been released from Customs control and can enter the Canadian economy.

Held for CBSA

indicates that cargo is being held for further review or examination. Cargo can be held for information, exam or decision from other government departments. A Held notice can be issued at FPOA or when cargo is arrived by the warehouse operator.


disposition notice informs clients that a Cargo Control Number (CCN) that has been entered into the warehouse has become deconsolidated and the cargo control of the goods has now been transferred to the house bills within the consolidation.

CBSA ACI Application

CBSA RNS Application