For warehouses operating in the US and receiving air cargo transferred to their facility on an airwaybill need to receive electronically from CBP electronic notification of the release of the cargo.  In cases where there is a hold on the cargo or an inspection is required by CBP, the FSN message will indicate to the warehouse to hold the cargo and segregate it waiting for the inspection to take place by CBP.

Participation by a warehouse in the Freight Status Notification System is under a larger CBP program known as Air AMS (Automated Manifest System) or ACE Air eManifest.

A warehouse is identified by CBP under a Facilities Information and Resources Management System (FIRMS) code.  Warehouses can include the following:

  • CFS (Container Freight Station) or
  • ECCF (Express Consignment Carrier Facility).

Some of the differences between a CFS or ECCF when it comes to customs clearance of shipments by CBP include the following;

MPF (Merchandise Processing Fee Charged by CBP?NoYes
CBP Staff on Weekend?NoYes
Time for CBP to Inspect Shipments with FSN Hold Message?1-5 days24 hours
Total Clearance Time1-5 days24 hours

Freight Status Query (FSQ) Messages

Warehouses can check the CBP status of any AWB in their warehouse by conveniently submitting an FSQ (Freight Status Query) to CBP.  An FSQ can be sent for any MAWB or HAWB including a request using one of the following request status codes:

Code           Description

01                        Request for routing information

02                        Request for current record status

03                        Request for a nominated agent

04                        Request for retransmission of FSN messages

05                        Request for routing information, current record status, nominated agent, current AWB information on file

06                        Request for HAWB information for supplied MAWB.


Freight Status Condition (FSC) Messages

After submission fo the FSQ, warehouses will receive back an FSC message in response to the FSQ message.  Below are the possible FSC messages returned to the warehouse:

Code           Description

00                    Record not on file.

01                    Record in Deleted status.

02                    Bill is split –

03                    Not authorized to receive information.

04                    Bill incomplete – notifications not sent.

05                    No notifications sent to the requester.

06                    Notifications resent.

07                    Bill status information follows……

08                    Routing information follows……

09                    Nominated agent.

10                    Current Air Waybill information on file follows….

Freight Status Notification (FSN) Messages

There are two types of FSN in the Air AMS system.

  1. FSN to CBP to notify of the following circumstances.
  • The in-bond cargo arrived at the destination
  • Local transfer of consolidated cargo
  • In-bond cargo exported from the US
  1. FSN updates from CBP. Some of the most common FSN’s received from CBP is as follows:
  • 1A- Entry processed: CBP intensive examination required.
  • 1B- CBP intensive examination complete.
  • 1C- Entry processed: CBP general examination.
  • 1D- In-bond movement authorized by CBP.
  • 1E- In-bond transfer not authorized, held at the port of arrival per CBP.
  • 1F- CBP local transfer authorized.
  • 1G- CBP local transfer not authorized.
  • 1J-CBP permit to proceed movement not authorized.
  • 1H- CBP hold at the port of arrival
  • 5H- CBP entry documents processing hold
  • 1I- CBP hold removed
  • 3I- Other agency hold removed

Freight Error Report (FER) Messages

Error messages generated by CBP are sent back to the user.

Email Alerts for FSN and FSC Messages

Users are not always in front of their computers.  That is why users can conveniently set up the delivery of email notifications for the FSN and FSC messages mentioned above.


CBP Letter of Intent (LOI)

Prospective users are required to complete the CBP Letter of Intent (LOI) which can be conveniently downloaded from here.