What is a Port Community System (PCS)?

A Port Community System (PCS) refers to an open and neutral platform that connects multiple systems, thus enabling the secure and intelligent exchange of information between the different organizations that make up an airport or seaport community. It is a shared platform that is organized and used by public and private stakeholders that may include key stakeholders such [...]

Steps Taken During a Single Window Consultancy

Single Window Requirements The Single Window is an intelligent platform that makes it possible for importers, exporters and government agencies to exchange information easily and efficiently. The single window requirements can typically be classified into three stages; Pre-arrival, Arrival, and Post Arrival. Pre-Arrival Checklist Some of the documentation required and services provided include Cargo Manifests Trade Declarations [...]

What is an Electronic Certificate of Origin (e-CO)?

For the majority of certificates of origin created around the world most of them are completed manually ie.  filled out by hand. Exporters then have to take them to the Chambers of Commerce who would then stamp them to be certified. But in a business environment that is forever changing, the need for modernizing the certificate or origin [...]

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