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Deciding to outsource the processing of your eManifest documents is a business decision.  Customs refers to eManifest as “non-Customs business”.  What that means is there are no licensing rules which would normally require the hiring of a customs broker to complete this kind of work.  Basically, any party that a carrier hires can perform the eManifest function on behalf of the carrier.

There are several instances where outsourcing your eManifest business process makes sense:

  • You process a smaller number of shipments on a monthly basis and it does not make sense to hire additional staff or train your existing staff to perform the eManifest function

  • You are a seasonal shipper and it would be hard to maintain the necessary skills for your staff to perform the eManifest processing function after several months of not completing it

  • Some carriers do not operate 24/7 dispatch, so if the driver is picking up cargo after-hours who is going to complete the eManifest for the driver? Some carriers will use a hybrid model where during the day the trucking company will use the Customs City web portal but after 6 pm, drivers are instructed to send eManifest requests to Customs City.

  • Some large carriers would like to give their dispatch National Holidays off work. Customs City eManifest Processing can help fill in for the carrier during these National Holidays.

How does Customs City eManifest Processing Work?

Carriers send their completed eManifest Request form (see below) and accompany their pro-bill and commercial invoice and send to Customs City using one of the following ways:

After Customs City receives your paperwork, it will be reviewed by one of our compliance specialists who will verify that all the required information is available on the forms.  After verification of the paperwork the next steps in the eManifest process are as follows:

  • If requested the paperwork will be forwarded to the customs broker who is clearing the shipment on behalf of the importer. This is an important step because in order for the truck to cross the border not only does the eManifest need to be accepted but the trade declaration completed by the customs broker also needs to be accepted and linked to the eManifest.

  • A Customs City compliance specialist will complete the eManifest and send to Customs

  • The eManifest barcoded cover sheet is generated and sent back to the driver

  • When the trade declaration is completed by the customs broker an email or SMS is generated and sent to the driver so they know they are ok to cross the border and not face any delays!

How to get Started?

Sign up online.  The cost to use the Email/Fax service is $5.00 per shipment.  There are no additional monthly fees.  After Customs City completes your eManifest you will be invoiced for the service shortly after.

Printable Forms

To submit an ACE eManifest Request by email/fax download and print this form:

To submit an ACI eManifest Request by email/fax download and print this form:

ACE/ACI eManifest Online Request Forms

Click below to complete an ACE eManifest request online

Click below to complete an ACI eManifest request online

Add/Modify Truck, Trailer & Driver Request Form

Click below to complete Truck request online

Click below to complete Trailer request online

Click below to complete Driver request online

In order to send ACI eManifests to CBSA, an EDI application is required.  In order to receive entry numbers from CBSA, the RNS application is required.  A link to both applications is below.

CBSA RNS Application

CBSA ACI Application